8.3338 Study Project: A Quantitative Approach to the Taxonomy of Artistic Styles (Part I)

König, Ansorge

Typ Sprache empf. Semester ECTS SWS Raum Zeit Semester Jahr
Pr e 12 6 W 2017
Helmut Leder (Uni Wien) wird noch Lehrender in dieser Veranstaltung sein.
MSc: Study project


Prerequisites: Knowledge in psychophysical techniques, statistics, programming experience

We will use deep neural networks to generate images in different styles based on the content of a small set of base images. These are used as visual stimuli in a pop out experiment and during free exploration combined with eye tracking. Based on these data we generate a hierarchy (hierarchical clustering) of artistic styles and discuss this genealogy in the context of current theories of the visual arts. Part of the study project will be conducted at the University of Vienna.

Link: http://www